Headings help in defining the hierarchy and the structure of the web page content.

HTML offers six levels of heading tags, 

 through ,the higher the heading level number, the greater its importance — therefore 

 tag defines the most important heading, whereas the 

 tag defines the least important heading in the document.

Importance of Headings

  • HTML headings provide valuable information by highlighting important topics and the structure of the document, so optimize them carefully to improve user engagement.
  • Don’t use headings to make your text look BIG or bold. Use them only for highlighting the heading of your document and to show the document structure.
  • Since search engines, such as Google, use headings to index the structure and content of the web pages so use them very wisely in your webpage.

These tags are mainly written inside the body tag. HTML provides us with six heading tags from

<h1> to </h6>

Every tag displays the headings in a different style and font size