There are two types of scripting. Server side scripting and client (browser) side scripting.

Client side scripting is used to create and decorate pages which will display on browser.  It is browser dependent.

Example: Java Script and VB Scripting.

Server side scripting is used for operations (sending, receiving, calculating and storing data in database). All these operation are performed on server by asp and jsp and php.

Example:  ASP and JSP, PHP.

 Difference Between Client Side Scripting and Server Side Scripting

S.No.Client Side ScriptingServer Side Scripting
1.Script code is downloaded and executed at client side i.e pages will run on browser.The script is executed at the server End and the result is send to the client End.

2.Response to interaction is more immediate once the program code has been downloaded.

Complex process is more efficient as the program and associated resources are not downloaded to the browser.

3.Client are source as they do not have access to files and database. It is only for designing not for operations.

Have access to files and databases but have security considerations when sending sensitive information.

4.This scripting is browser dependent and behaves differently for every browser.

Does not depend on browser.

5.Affected by the processing speed of user’s computer.

Affected by the processing speed of the host server.